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Cloud or Not, these days businesses without integrated IT stay behind and those with well sought after IT solutions thrive.

Don't be that company. We offer IT and Business solutions for Small Office/Home Office and Micro Enterprises. It isn't just the big corporations that can have all the cool toys.

Where it all began, Binary Traits is an IT firm focused on micro-enterprises and businesses running from home. With SOHO expertise, BT can support small businesses with IT support to keep going forward. Services such as: Anti-virus, Productivity, Backup, Email and much more.

Why Us? Managed Service Providers compete to win over large businesses and so doing usually have competing market related pricing. So does the smaller businesses buy into this? No. It is too expensive.

BT caters for the lower income sectors. We focus on Small Office / Home Office and Micro Enterprises. We bring corporate IT to your door. Every company deserves Anti-Virus, Backups and Managed Services to support their business to success.

There is a gap for SOHO IT. So rather than putting your business at risk with a small retail store or freelance IT call-outs, call Binary Traits. The BT Team brings 10 years of experience to the table.

IT systems is but an ecosystem and it is all about correctly managing your resources. Allow BT to answer your questions and propose solutions to make IT work for you and not you for your IT. Let us do the heavy lifting.

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